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American Milking Devon Cattle

American Milking Devon

Devon cattle were developed in the Devonshire region of Britain. They were a true, tri-purpose animal good for milking, meat, and especially good at pulling. Even today teams of Devon oxen are highly prized for their intelligence and ability and are often referred to as the “thoroughbred” of working cattle.

The Devon breed has split into two major types. One type is being developed to be more of a beef animal, known as the Beef Devon, and the other type remaining true to the original tri-purpose type, the Milking Devon. The tri-purpose type has since vanished in Britain but has remained intact here in the U.S. thanks to devoted enthusiasts of the breed.

The Milking Devon is well known for its heat & cold tolerance, hardiness, and ability to survive on rough forage. They are long lived and have good temperaments with good training. Cows can produce up to 12,000 lbs of milk annually and are especially good mothers. There are an estimated 600 registered Milking Devon cattle left today.

About the Breed

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Milk, meat, and draft


Quick Fact:
Milking Devon were the first breed imported from Britain in 1623 to Plimoth Colony

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