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Florida Cracker cattle, once referred to as Pineywoods, are descendants of cattle brought to the New World in the 1500's by Spanish explorers. They are part of the Criollo cattle grouping along with their better known equivalent, the Texas Longhorn, but they are smaller in size (600-1000 lbs) and lack the extreme horn length the Longhorns have. The horns of the Florida Cracker are in fact more diverse, varying from longer and twisted to shorter and more crumpled.

Their long life span, fertility, ability to withstand the Floridian heat and humididty, productivity on low quality forage, and disease resistance allowed for the Florida Cracker to become well-adapted for low-input beef production.

Breed Association:

Florida Cracker Cattle Association

About the Breed

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Southeastern United States

Southeastern United States



Quick Fact:

The Pineywoods and Florida Cracker cattle are closely related and for a long time were considered one breed. However, in recent years there has been enough evidence to prove that the Florida Cracker cattle are a distinct breed of landrace cattle, separate from the Pineywoods.

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