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Smithsonian & SVF Biodiversity Preservation Project

We recently celebrated the beginning of the Smithsonian & SVF Biodiversity Preservation Project, a collaboration of the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and the SVF Foundation.

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2017 Annual Visitors Day

Looking for some family fun this summer? Interested in learning more about heritage breed livestock? Join SVF Foundation for our annual Visitors Day on Saturday, June 10th, 2017.

SVF Foundation

SVF Lecture Series

SVF is proud to offer an exciting lecture series designed to spread the word about local farming systems, sustainable agriculture and conservation.

SVF Foundation

Exmoor Ponies Immortalized in SVF Foundation’s Biorepository

Exmoor ponies are classified as “threatened” on The Livestock Conservancy’s Conservation Priority List, but thanks to a recent collaboration, SVF Foundation and Exmoor Ponies of North America (EPNA) have ensured that this ancient breed will be preserved for generations to come.

SVF Foundation

Dr. Temple Grandin, Animal Scientist and Autism Advocate, Visits SVF

The visit was truly an honor. In 2010 Dr. Grandin was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People and she is clearly a leading expert on livestock handling

SVF Foundation

In the New York Times: Rare Breeds, Frozen in Time

Read this story from the New York Times website that gives a great overview of the SVF Foundation and the work we do here.

SVF Foundation

TEN YEARS...Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine and SVF collaboration!

A decade has passed since we first officially began our collaboration with Tufts Veterinary School. It was the right choice and together we have accomplished more than we thought possible.

SVF Foundation

SVF Foundation Immortalizes Rare Barnes Bull

Big Cracker is a bull of rare qualities. Descended from cattle brought to the New World by the colonial Spanish, he is an example of the endangered “Florida Cracker” and its Barnes sub-breed. SVF Foundation is collecting germplasm from Big Cracker to cryogenically preserve his genetic legacy for centuries to come.

SVF Foundation

Iron Chef Jose Garces Visits The Farm

This was big news, at least to the foodies at SVF: Food Network’s Iron Chef Jose Garces was coming to Newport as a guest chef for a local restaurant, and had arranged for a tour of SVF.

SVF Foundation

Heritage Breed Barbeque

After a season of barbecuing, we figured it out—hire the pros. SVF’s first round of heritage breed pigs was to be commemorated. And with our end of summer employee barbeque approaching, pork had to be on the menu.

SVF Foundation

Road Trip- Middleburg, PA

Ever wonder where all the animals we work with come from, and how they get from here to there? The simple answer is—all over the US, and we truck them ourselves.

SVF Foundation

Hog Island Sheep Preservation, 2010

Though few in number, the Hog Island sheep are making a significant impact on heritage farms. Their breeders agree: It's a labor of love for a very good cause.

Visitors Day

SVF Annual Visitors Day June 10th, 2017.

Looking for some family fun this summer? Interested in learning more about heritage breed livestock? Join SVF Foundation for our annual Visitors Day celebration, and enjoy a day packed with fascinating information and fun activities, all set on SVF’s breathtaking 35-acre property in Newport, Rhode Island.


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